Affiliate Marketing Website SEO – Setting up Yoast

Affiliate Marketing Website SEO – Setting up Yoast

This video is part of a playlist. It’s best to start with the first tutorial:

First video in a series of videos on making and promoting and Affiliate marketing site. This one is the first where we setup and configure the Yoast SEO plugin to help Google index our website correctly. Watch the rest of the videos in this series here:

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  1. I have tried to to apply for good Adsense for my website but it keeps denying me! Its a blog site that gets a small number of views a month, any advice on getting approved? I'm not sure what else to add, iv got a homepage, video section and a blog with posts.

  2. Alex, I've got an idea for a unique project that, if properly executed, could generate quite a lot of income (I believe). Is there a way that I can message you? On the technical side it's way outside of my expertise, but I believe that the concept is sound.

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