Avoid These 6 Article Marketing Mistakes


When you engage in article marketing, diligently focus on getting it right. The worst thing you can do is spend extensive time and exert great effort employing a faulty approach. You want your articles to present you as a knowledgeable, trusted businessperson, as they drive traffic to your website.

Here are 6 article marketing mistakes to avoid so you can build your business properly:

Using High-Competition Keywords

Don’t try to compete with the marketing behemoths that have a lock on high-competition keywords. If your niche is hats… using ‘hats” as your keyword focus will get you up against all the major manufacturers and marketers of hats.

Choose keywords that achieve quite a few hits, but aim them at a select ‘niche within a niche.’ An example would be “brown leather baseball caps.” The idea is being more specific in your keyword selection and focusing on a group within your target market.

Submitting Grammatically Incorrect Articles

If you’re writing your own articles, you need to understand basic grammar rules. On top of that, have a firm grasp of proper spelling. You appear as unprofessional (and as a lazy writer) when your articles have grammar and spelling errors. Therefore, take the time to learn grammar and spelling basics if you do not already know them, and proofread your articles before sending them out.

Being Repetitive with Similar Content

The key to quality article marketing is always having new, fresh articles to send out to your audience. Don’t write articles that are very minor variations and very similar to other content you wrote. This shows lack of ingenuity and creativity on your part, as an article writer.

Make each of your articles different (even if the topic’s the same), with new insights, facts, analysis, data, ideas, and more. You don’t want your audience reading an article and thinking “This reads almost exactly like their previous article!”

Writing a Sales Letter Instead of an Article

Article writing as part of your article marketing campaigns is informative writing. Don’t push for sales in an article. Your website, or the websites of your affiliate partners, are for selling. Write articles loaded with useful and helpful information.

Write them in a reportorial tone. Present timely information relevant to your niche’s needs. You can put a link in the author’s resource box of your article that takes the reader to a website where the content there can promote your products and services.

Not Adhering to Proper Article Length

Article marketing involves writing informative articles between 500 – 700 words. If you write articles of less than 500 words, you are limiting your opportunity to present detailed information.

If you write articles that are too long, you run the risk of losing the interest of your readers. Internet readers like shorter articles than appear in print magazines, as reading on-screen is a different game altogether – even with the new digital readers and such.

Writing Articles Related to Products with Limited Appeal

Consider that you may be promoting products, via article writing, that aren’t popular enough to earn you good income. Research whether there is indeed demand for your products. Don’t waste time on article writing, article marketing, and other business activities promoting a product that no one or very few people want.

Do you find you’re not achieving the results you desire with article marketing? Then look to see if you’re making any of the above mistakes. Understanding and recognizing mistakes gives you the opportunity to make the changes you need to get your article marketing campaigns back on track.


Source by Michael E Ugulini


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