How to Rank Your YouTube Videos FAST (Marketing SEO Secrets)

How to Rank Your YouTube Videos FAST (Marketing SEO Secrets)

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How to Rank Your YouTube Videos FAST (Marketing SEO Secrets).

Today we’re continuing our YouTube Success Formula plan. We will be talking all about YouTube Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is also known as YouTube Metadata. This video will talk about how to tag your videos, how to title your youtube videos, how to make a youtube thumbnail, and how to write a youtube description to get more views and more subscribers. Remember, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the entire world! If you build it, they won’t come unless you master these four things! I call them….. the four horsemen of youtube success.

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How To Hack YouTube

1. Title
Think BuzzFeed. You have less than a second to get someone’s attention, and convince them to watch your video! Make your titles irresistible – make others say “I WANT THAT!”

2. Description
Focus on 1-2 long tail keywords you are targeting. Make sure these appear at lease 2-3 times during your description. Link any relevant videos or playlists to keep viewers watching your videos!

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3. Tags
Again, focus on keywords! Make sure your keywords are both relevant and honest as YouTube has been known to de-rank videos with misleading tags (“Justin Bieber YouTube Secrets” is not a good idea).

4. Thumbnail
Put extra time into this. Get a simple template that unifies your branding for your channel. Keep it simple, and make it mouth watering!

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  1. Another informative video, thank you. An important reminder is to DOUBLE CHECK your links. Make sure that the links in your description aren't too long, because YouTube will truncate them and make them useless for your audience. [for example, instead of http://yourwebsite/product/nameofproduct… truncates it to http://yourwebsite/product/nameo...] I've had this happen to me on several occasions. I've put links to my products, webpages, and youtube playlists in my description, only to find out later that youtube cut off the link. Some speculate that it has something to do with Youtube's frontpage editor (you know, that pencil icon by the descriptions.). If you edit your description using the front page editor, Youtube truncates any long links. So, for now…until they fix this, I use a both of a url shortner from my blogsite, as well as a url shortener like to minify all my links. It's a real hassle to go back and edit all my videos' descriptions….but my channel is relatively new, so it's no big deal. Hope this tip saves you and your viewers time…. Until next time, thank you for your informative videos.

  2. This was ridiculously helpful. I've been through many videos trying to get solid advice in this area and your video was the first that actually delivered. I subscribed and I will definitely be checking out your other videos about YouTube related stuff. Also going to check out your ebook! Thanks so much for the video!

  3. Hi Clark, I really like your series about book summarize. Have you ever read the book: I Seem to Be a Verb: Environment and Man's Future? I am quite curious because it is so expensive on Amazon and many people strongly recommend it:)

  4. Awesome brother, some of these things I have been doing, but didn't realize how everything fits together. I will e-mail you back promise, LOL… Really enjoy your video's my friend, I think a great place to start for me is a Journal. I need a place to capture all my thoughts and idea's. I was trying to follow some of your earlier video's on the subject, but got a little lost. You do a great job on the hype, and then getting to the structure or layout, but I am a nuts and bolts kind of person, meaning I want the meat and potato's, LOL. Do you have a video, that defines the structure of a journal. I get the journal tomorrow. Thank you for great content Clark!!!

  5. I subscribed to you a few weeks ago. Honestly, I really appreciate the work you put into the videos.

    I have a channel and have spent the past year absolutely working myself senseless trying to figure out things like this.

    Obviously YouTube spends a lot of time editing its algorithm and stuff so having to change what I do can be difficult. Especially while I work 70 hours a week.

    It's a tough career choice to say the least but I am more than confident that you'll continue to grow and develop as a creator. Amazing channel and a great guy, thank you.

    In a nutshell, your content and videos just summarize and make it so much simpler, thanks again. I'll continue to watch and support.

    For reference, I have a gaming channel but am aiming higher than just gameplay videos, it's just a grind since there's so any half arsed videos and creators out there.


  6. I'm just starting out and need people who are willing to grow with me. If you subscribe to my channel, I will subscribe to yours and I'll stay active on your channel, watching and commenting on your videos. Just comment Done on any of my videos after subscribing.

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