Pinterest SEO Tricks and Marketing For 2016

Pinterest SEO Tricks and Marketing For 2016 – it is a common misconception among search engine optimization “Gurus” that Pinterest is no good for SEO. In this thoroughly researched course I am here to prove that they’re 100% wrong.

Pinterest is one of the most powerful and under utilized marketing tools and social media sites on the Internet and can’t have a dramatic effect on local and SERP rankings if used correctly.

This course is a thorough examination into she many different avenues you have to use Pinterest to enhance your search engine optimization and marketing efforts.

The author of this course has been an active webmasters since 1997 and the material contained within goes all the way from tips from beginners to advanced tactics search as schematic data, RSS feeds, geo-tagging, and embedding your pins on high domain authority sites to get a extra “link juice”.



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