SEO-Driven Affiliate Marketing Q&A – BH.C TV – Episode 2

SEO-Driven Affiliate Marketing Q&A – BH.C TV – Episode 2

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The BH.C team will be hosting weekly Google hangout sessions where we talk with a group of people who are experts in certain fields. This topic will be talking about SEO-Driven Affiliate Marketing.




  1. Hey, I am a college student. I am interested in staring this business. I've been learning it and spending countless hours around my whole entire day from waking up to going to sleep. I am just lost on how to really start and I am looking for actual person to person help. Could you please help? I am on summer vacation for 4 months and now its the time to grow some balls and start. @james7g

  2. This was SO helpful. Thank you so much. However I am still stuck on the most simple things. I get the later steps and processes but what I'm struggling with is the VERY BEGINNING things and also things like WHAT affiliate sites should I use? sign up with? What hosting services to use. Exactly what is considered Good content? things like this and such. Maybe you could message me. I would appreciate it. Trying to build and empire and network with others along the way.

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