$0 – 60k Salary in Digital Marketing (no degree necessary)

$0 – 60k Salary in Digital Marketing (no degree necessary)

Click here for Seth’s free course on digital marketing:

Watch this interview with a student who got a job from the course:

Here are 2 more unedited interviews with people that got jobs from the course

Here’s a list of testimonials of people who got real digital marketing jobs with just the knowledge they learned from this course: http://engineeredtruth.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Digital-marketing-testimonials.jpg

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  1. I reviewed your video on Tai Lopez and your feelings toward him. What do you think about his social media marketing program? Is it the same as this program with Seth or will more or less be taught by Seth? I see the value in digital marketing but I'm wondering if these two are the same program, are they credible and value being spent to take either program?

  2. 2:40 Those degrees aren't worthless per se, but they have a very low demand compared to other jobs.

    PS: I'm talking about all the degrees he's talking about, not just women's studies.

  3. How many hours of the week does this usually take out of your time. I'm a current undergraduate student about to go into pharmacy school this upcoming fall, and I need much time to study is why I'm asking. However, since I cut lawns/grass, on my own, its a seasonal job so at the moment I'm not making any money.

    This seems like a good job to take because you are working on your own ( I think), and getting good moneys worth for your time.

  4. This is complete fucking bullshit. People you can do your own research on digital marketing and see exactly what jobs are available and what companies around the country are looking for. All this clown is doing is collecting email addresses and contact information so that you can be marketed bullshit. It's like calling up a telemarketing company and making sure they have your phone, fax and cell phone numbers.

  5. Alright man, because Ive been watching Engineered Truth's videos for a while now, and because I trust him, I'm going to take Seth's course and report back to everyone in a couple months time to see if I'm able to get a job. I might even make a video on it. Wish me luck.

  6. Awhile back I signed up for a Android Developer Class on Udemy. With no experience I excited to see what I could learn but 10% into the course it prompted me download a Android IDE and the instructions that it gave were outdated.

    Will I run into this problem or anything similar in your course? Will I have to download any extra programs in order to complete your course? If so will I get guidance on how to complete the task?

  7. What if you don't have a degree at all. And I go on to learn these skills. Can I still land an entry level job? I am in school now for computer science but I'm really really interested in this. Seth your thoughts please!

  8. Thank you guys for the advise… very much helpful for me. it's true that this online / digital marketing is kinda intimidating and would really love to pursue on this field. thanks a lot!!!!

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