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Dental Marketing with The SEO Dentist | Call Today: (844) 421-1272

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What is Dental Marketing and SEO

Website creation and Blog posting has become extremely popular in the past few years; in fact, it is so popular that well over 2 million posts are created each day.

Do you know how many posts a minute that is?!

It’s over 1,350 posts each and every minute of the day. With numbers like that, it is nearly impossible to stand out as unique. Because of this having a well built website that is optimized and a successful blog to promote your business is what you will need to be noticed and rank high across the search engines.

How can you make your blog more unique? Optimization is the key to success, especially when you are trying to bring new patients to your dental business through the internet.

When discovering information is often found through Google searches, those few minutes that you take to optimize your dental website may be the difference between website success and failure. Many dentists are beginning to realize just how important this step is for their business, but what exactly is dentist SEO (search engine optimization), and how can it help you?
Put simply, SEO is optimizing your content so that it shows up as one of the first results when certain key words are searched for in Google or another search engine.

Ideally, you need to use words and phrases in your article that will help your page make it to the #1 spot.

For example, if the post you are trying to get traffic to is about dentistry, then you may want to incorporate keywords like teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, and tartar control into the context of your blog post. You can also add key phrases like the best way to remove plaque and teeth whitening techniques, but more on that later.

About 93 percent of all online activity that we do begins with a search in Google or other such search engine.

When the results appear, isn’t it true that you start at the top to find the information that you are looking for? No one goes to the third page to find relevant information, so why should your website show up there? If your content does not show up on the very first page that is seen after a search is completed, then you could have saved your time and not posted it to begin with.

In fact, 65 percent of all of the clicks go to the first five results, and that is exactly why SEO will make or break your website’s success and your opportunity to get new clients from the internet.

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