The Absolute Easiest Way to Get Local SEO CLIENTS in 2016 –

The Absolute Easiest Way to Get Local SEO CLIENTS in 2016 –

****This strategy has since become oversaturated….. be warned it is competitive. (updated September 2016)

The Easiest Way to Get SEO Clients in 2016 – Get several SEO leads daily – Know thy Client Acquisition numbers –

*Please note, I can’t do math. On average you’ll pay $75/ per new client if you close 1/5 leads and you’ll make $500-$1000/month in return. (I can hear the comments now…)

Anyways… you’ll learn the absolute easiest way to start, grow, and scale your SEO business in 2016 using 1 simple website.

Love this strategy and best of all it also works for get new leads for your local clients additionally.

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  1. Hey so I made My own site ColoradoSEOKings. I signed up for Thumtack, however I got quote from PA that's not in colorado though? I put my Denver Zip code in…shouldn't I only be getting Local clients in Colorado Only?

  2. Dino..It is a nice video… Can you please guide me, as I am not from what option can I use to get SEO clients apart from Linkedin method.. is there any thing like Thumbtack ?

  3. Great info. I just signed up for Thumbtack, I will give you feedback on how it goes. So far i've ranked my website for certain kwds and just got a new client 3 months ago, looking forward to having more. Love your videos!

  4. Hi Dino,
    Great Video!! I have started doing this. Let me ask you, how do you close them? Do you have a email script that you send them? I sent a few quotes back and they opened them, then I never heard from the client. Also I am located in Chicago, and I am getting requests from California? Maybe something in my settings? Thanks!!

  5. useless for anyone doing local SEO outside of the USA. You should point out in your video so we do not have to waste our time watching the vid and then getting excited going to thumbtack only to be let down

  6. Yeah Thumbtack can be great. I used to use it for my video production business and landed a couple clients from it. I don't use it anymore though. They only allow 5 proposals per project, and with all the other video guys in San Diego, those 5 spots fill up instantly and I was rarely allowed to bid on any projects (unless the email went out in the middle of the night when my competition was asleep, haha!) Anyway, that pissed me off too many times so I bailed and now focus on SEO. But yeah, it can work.

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