Article Marketers and Considering Article Size for Syndication Pickup Statistics


When online article marketers write articles often they talk about their successes in achieving vast amounts of targeted traffic. This seems relevant because target traffic clicks are those of potential client material and they are much more likely to buy something from them. So this makes a lot of sense, but often they wonder which articles pull the best and what size should these articles in fact be?

Well it seems the articles that are smaller make more sense for an article marketer based on time to create and the ratio of targeted traffic that they draw. But what about the Article Marketers success and the Article Size for achieving maximum Syndication Pickup Statistics; do those figures matter?

It matters to the article marketer who is targeting their articles to reach maximum syndication rather than merely article views probably, so this is why I ask. Of course a survey off all the Ezine Publishers who have been at it for so long could easily tell us their preferences too. It appears that those who pick articles up for websites might even have a different preference. Indeed, I noticed the self-help articles I have written really kick butt with the Ezine Pick-ups, but I imagine that this is because such articles lend themselves well to the email newsletters and subscribers preferences too. All this is an interesting subject so, I hope you will consider this in 2006.


Source by Lance Winslow


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