Content Marketing and SEO, a Relationship of Evolution

Content Marketing and SEO, a Relationship of Evolution

Does your current content marketing strategy stand alone? Have you wondered why your best content isn’t bringing the organic traffic you expected? It’s not a chicken or the egg scenario. Content marketing has an innate relationship with SEO. More than just coexistence, the two thrive off of each other. We will share exactly how that thriving relationship is accomplished in this webinar.

Tyler Bain of Page One Power will cover the following:
• A contextual history of content marketing and its ever-evolving state of flux
• How to evaluate your current site content based on its value to the end user
• How to develop new content creation strategies that answer valuable queries using keywords that are relevant to your conversion goals
• How to avoid content burnout by reviving what you already have

In this free 30-minute Biznology® webinar, Tyler will discuss the vital keys to marrying your content marketing to your SEO. We will demonstrate how integrated campaigns can benefit the end user while earning solid conversions to reach the goals of your site.

Special presentation sponsored by BarnRaisers, GaggleAMP, Gerris Corp, and Page One Power

Tyler Bain is a multi-faceted SEO expert currently leading a team of link builders at Page One Power in Boise, Idaho, as a Project Manager. While maintaining the progress and success of multiple concurrent campaigns, Tyler oversees the strategies, execution, and overall quality of the resulting backlinks generated on behalf of a variety of clients.



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