Kelowna SEO and Video Marketing  with Animated Video.

Kelowna SEO and Video Marketing with Animated Video.

For more information on why you should use animated video for your Kelowna business SEO and Video marketing campaign, visit our website at

We are a Kelowna marketing agency that use SEO and Video to rank you on Google.

Black Sage SEO uses many different SEO and marketing video styles. Sometimes an animated whiteboard style video is a very simple and effective way to market your idea, product or service. The animated style is simple and because there is not a true human face it’s easier for a potential client or customer to picture themselves.

As a film and video professionals we’ve learned a few things over the years especially when it comes to making video’s the get results.

If you are a Kelowna local business then you should strongly consider using video in your online campaigns. Not only do the send a consistent message to your customers and clients, they work for you 24/7 selling your product or service.

So how can we help…well our specialty is making and ranking video’s on youtube which is the second largest search engine on the internet next to Google..

Call us and see how we can improve your online traffic with a video.
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