Marketing Teardown: The Strategies Behind Bulletproof & Dave Aspreys Content Marketing & SEO Success

Marketing Teardown: The Strategies Behind Bulletproof & Dave Aspreys Content Marketing & SEO Success

Dave Asprey, creator of and, has created an entirely new industry, ranks for extremely competitive search terms, such as MCT Oil and Nootropics, and built a multi-million dollar ecommerce business — all while telling people to put butter in their coffee!

Bulletproof is achieving results via its blog, YouTube, Podcast, books and social media marketing.

How do they do it? And how can you apply what they’ve done to your business?

In this Marketing Teardown video, you will learn the strategies and tactics behind Bulletproof’s success, including:

– The secrets behind Bulletproof’s content strategy
– What makes Bulletproof’s content so conducive to sales conversions
– 4 On-page SEO optimizations that help Bulletproof rank on Google
– How Bulletproof ranks on Google for high volume terms like Biohacking, Nootropics, and MCT oil
– How Bulletproof has earned backlinks from sites such as Huffington Post, Fast Company and Mashable
– 3 Ways Bulletproof and Bulletproof Executive can get even better results

If you found this video helpful or have some suggestions how Bulletproof and Bulletproof Executive could further improve their marketing, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Also, if there is a website you would like us to do a Marketing Teardown of next, please comment below!


What Is Bulletproof And Who Is Dave Asprey: 0:50

Why Is Bulletproof So Successful: 1:32

Cross Platform Marketing: 3:27

Keywords & Rankings: 6:18

Content & On-Page SEO: 7:33

Backlinks & Off-Page SEO: 9:05

Email Capture: 11:49

Technical SEO: 12:26

How Does Bulletproof’s Marketing Stack Up: 13:42

Ideas To Improve Bulletproof’s Marketing: 15:15

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