SEO for Small Business: Interview with Rand Fishkin

SEO for Small Business: Interview with Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin talks to Kate Toon from the Recipe for SEO Success eCourse and answers questions about SEO for small business:

• Is it possible for small businesses to DIY their SEO?
• Other than Moz and of course the Recipe for SEO Success, what are your other favourite SEO education websites? Resources?
• What are you top five tools that every search marketing or digital marketing business type must use?
• If you only had a few hours a week to spare in which to focus on SEO and marketing, what would you spend it doing? Building links or creating content?
• There are only so many phrases and only 10 spots on the first page. Does there come a point where SEO just won’t work in a crowded market?
• What role do spelling mistakes play in SEO, would having lots of typos in your copy impact your potential to rank?
• Why is it so hard to rank for a keyword with a new page when you’re already ranking for it with an existing one?
• Does social media impact my ranking? And which social media channel should I invest my time in?
• What tips for an AU business wanting to appear in the US rankings?
• How will live streaming affect SEO?
• Do weak pages on your site damage the strong pages, should I kill off all my weak pages?
• What was the one business decisions (mistake) that you wish you could go back and change?
• The truth is you’re a little bit of a heartthrob for many female (and possibly male) SEO types. How do you cope with that kind of attention?




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