YouTube SEO | How To Get Organic Views | Funnelbox Video Marketing

YouTube SEO | How To Get Organic Views | Funnelbox Video Marketing

Let’s talk about why everyone needs to think about SEO when it comes to YouTube content. Read the expanded blog post here:

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OK, so you might be asking, “Isn’t SEO for websites?” Nope! Everyone needs to think about SEO when it comes to online content, including video.  Let’s talk about the why and how of SEO for YouTube. Despite its reputation for being a social site, YouTube is actually the second-largest search engine in the world. Second only to its parent, Google. So, how do you get organic views on YouTube? Here are a couple of tips to get started.  

First, pay attention to your tags.  A proper tagging strategy should start with 10-15 highly relevant tags. Log into your AdWords account and access the “Keyword Planner” tool for a little help determining what people are actually searching for.
Here are a couple tips to start off with:

Are people likely to search for this topic in other languages?
If so, translate your tags. Are there common misspellings of the tags you used? If so, use those as well.
Along with a smart tagging strategy, you should develop a nesting title strategy.  A nesting title strategy is a process of titling your video so that the search engines can figure out what the video is about just as easily as a human can.  

The title of your video should be relevant to the content in the video. Otherwise, when viewers click play, they will bounce. This scenario will hurt your SEO efforts, because YouTube sees an unfinished video view as content that is irrelevant to the topic being searched.

Best practices for titles is to use your most relevant keyword or keyword phrase followed by a compelling reason to click and, if you have it – the name of the brand or series.

If you want to learn more about this subject, click the link to see our expanded blog post about it.  Have a question? Leave a comment. If you want to learn more about driving traffic and sales with YouTube, click the card to visit our website. And be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.  

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