Dynamik Internet Marketing and SEO Guru Dino Gomez / MMTV Episode 98

Dynamik Internet Marketing and SEO Guru Dino Gomez / MMTV Episode 98

The Monster Motivator TV is a mobile live stream where Dave Daley, Monster Motivator teams up with local entrepreneurs, businesses & individuals that are making a difference in the community and finds out their story, Raw, Real & LIVE on Facebook.

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Dave Daley is the straight-talking authority on business leadership, personal development, and breaking through fear barriers. An accomplished entrepreneur and CEO with more than 20 years of experience and a dynamic professional speaker, Dave the Monster Motivator captivates audiences with his high-voltage presentations on his signature strategy for success: Leadership through motivation, inspiration, and perspiration. He is the creator of the Knock Out Fear in the First Round program, the author of The Monster Under the Bed e-book and the host of The Daley Game Plan video series and Monster Motivator TV.

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