5 Minimum Search Engine Optimization to Do's


Ever heard of search engine optimization or SEO? Basically what this means is; doing certain things on your website or on the World Wide Web to make your site visible on the search engines results pages – SERP.

Normally, when you have paid you web designer to do a site for you and you walk with them through the journey until they announce the news that you site is Live. Most people relax after hosting the site and they wait for web visitors to discover the site. Unfortunately, this does not happen. Here is why:

1. Age of your Website – It takes search engines 48 hours to 3 months to discover your site and be indexed on their servers for visibility to global users.

2. Competition – There are other players in your niche who came before you and their sites were discovered way ahead by Google and other search engines before you went Online. This makes them dominate the first pages of search results in common search keywords used within your niche.

3. Lack of Meta Tags – In every page of your website that you would like to be indexed by search engines. You should define three major tags namely:

  • Title – This is equivalent to a subject line in an email. It should be relevant to your niche and relate to the contents on that page. You should avoid titles like "Welcome to our website".
  • Description – As you have seen in search results. The search engines pick an excerpt of a site but not the whole site to be included in search results. This should be a short statement blended with common keywords used in your target market.
  • Keywords – Separated by commas are the major keywords or key phrases that your target audience is likely to use on search engines to land to your webpage. Do not use so many or irrelevant ones, it will help narrow down to targeted visitors.

4. Content – You should make sure that you put relevant content on your site that is enriched with keywords or key phrases that you put on the Meta tags on that particular page. Unique content in relation to your competitors gives you a plus and preference on search engine eyes.

5. Sitemap – After you finish your site make sure there is a sitemap of all the public pages that you would like to be indexed by search engines. The more the pages indexed the more your visibility on search results will be raised.


Source by Mike Ndegwa


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