Month: January 2017

What Does A SEO Expert Actually Do?

[ad_1] Everybody claims to be a Search Engine Optimization Expert these days, but what do SEO experts actually do? There are two parts to Search Engine Optimization, the on page modifications and the off page modifications. On Page Search Engine Optimization: A lot of on page SEO can easily be done by a web designer. […]

SEO – How to Optimise For Long-Tail Queries

[ad_1] There is a great deal of value in the long-tail of search. The long-tail is basically a query that is over three or four keywords long. Good examples of long-tail queries include "cheap flights to Japan May" or "buy back doors UK." Both of these terms exhibit a great deal of user intent – […]

Selecting The Top Most Keywords For Successful SEO

[ad_1] Keywords are the very foundation of any Search Engine Optimization marketing strategy. Millions of net users log on to find relevant information on various products and services available online. And keywords are the main link to seeking informative content in search engine results. Without suitable content and key wordings in your website, it is […]

Why is Keyword Research So Important?

[ad_1] More and more people are using search engines nowadays. I'm sure you yourself use Google, everyday perhaps. I know I do. I use it to find information, to find stores, to find products, and pretty anything else that I need. It has totally replaced my trusty Yellow Pages of old and my encyclopedia (I […]

Finding Good Keywords for Your Site

[ad_1] A keyword can be defined as a word or phrase that can be utilized in searching for a website. Keywords can be placed in titles, a body of text, online catalogs, abstracts, indexes, notes and subject headings. Using the right keywords is very important, and keyword optimization, if done correctly, will aid in driving […]

Meta Tags – Misused and Misunderstood SEO Elements

[ad_1] So, you stormed down to the internet office demanding an explanation as to why your brand new, beautiful website hasn’t been Googled and all you got from those useless techies down there was some incomprehensible jargon that was no help at all. And forget trying to explain things to Martha. You have about as […]

SEO and the Content Between the Jingles

[ad_1] Have you ever wondered why radio stations use jingles? A mini-song (jingle) is played several times each hour. Listeners can get to the place where they know that jingle by heart and can sing it even when the radio is off. The jingle is used going into a weather break or back into music. […]

Successful SEO Copywriting

[ad_1] Like me, you may read a lot of articles about SEO discussing different ranking factors such as keywords in the page title, back-links, anchor text, keywords in heading tags & alt tags etc, etc … We all know how to target our best achieving keywords, however, often the hundreds of long tail key phrases […]

SEO – How To Think Like Your Customers To Find Key Words

[ad_1] You can use a thesaurus (either online or offline) to come up with keywords for your search optimization efforts or you can think like your customers. Your first step to thinking like your customers is to write out a short description of your business for your own use. Come up with a two-line description […]